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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fugitive II 2008

Fugitive II 2008

| Koji owns a coffee shop in a small coastal town (Tiba Takayuki) is Mizuki (Tsugumi Nagasawa) were married and happy lives. Rape murder happen continuously in the city, in the absence of Koji Mizuki is hit by a rape crime. The fight that led to the crime of rape in the art of fighting overwhelming, Mizuki will get media attention. Magazine article, the deputy Izawa (Ryoichi Inaba) Motomatta eyes. Saki was a time and calls himself ... as a woman to hit Mizuki handedly, Sun had dark reign as the queen of our society, political opponents at the request of SM has been close to Saki in the disguise of Izawa Izawa is truly Miss Saki ... love, love the moment is also Saki as Izawa and Mizuki. Saki was thinking, disappeared in donations stolen data is incorrect ... Izawa whatever it takes, I had to back off and took the love of Saki data. Sendo was the life of illegal agents Izawa (average Kajiki) and Kizaki (pear Kumi Lee), is close to Mizuki kidnapped, imprisoned in a ruined building. Been broken clothes, naked body was restrained in chains and handcuffs Mizuki. Repeatedly raped and tortured to try to confess Sendo location where a data. Koji desperate search for the whereabouts of Mizuki, Izawa uncontrollable a reunion with the cardiac Mizuki, Mizuki's fate really is...



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