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Thursday, September 1, 2011

El rey de las ficheras (Los plomeros 2) (1988)

El rey de las ficheras (Los plomeros 2) (1988)

Año de producción/Production Year1988
País/Country: México
Dirección/Director_ Víctor Manuel Castro Arozamena
Producción/Producer: Guillermo Calderón Stell
Guión/Screenplay: Víctor Manuel Castro, Francisco Cavazos

Reparto/CastAlfonso Zayas, Roberto Flaco Guzmán, Manuel Flaco Ibáñez, Carmen Salinas

After taking vacations, plumber Rigo returns to the cabaret where he is the “ficheras” master but finds ot that “El Rorro” has occupied his place and discovers that he has become impotent. Consulting a shrink doesn't help but finds out he's “recovered” when he hears applausses. Then Rigo challenges “El Rorro” to a duel...

MPEG 1 Audio, Layer 3
Res: 640X480

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