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Friday, August 5, 2011

Les chiennes (1973)

Les chiennes (1973)

Les chiennes (1973)
Genre: Erotic
Country: France | Director: Michel Lemoine
Language: French | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.66:1 | Length: 84mn
Dvdrip Divx Avi - 640x400 - 25fps - 700mb

Lemoine's decision to cast himself in the male lead was probably not as narcissistic as it might seem. Still, filling the role of macho adventurer Eric, who takes a job as male "companion" (I suppose the term "escort" had not yet been coined) in order to fund his next worldwide expedition, makes him extremely vulnerable to not altogether unjustified howls of derision. Summoned to the mansion of a prospective client, the mysterious and notoriously hard to please Viriane (indelibly portrayed by his Mrs., the supremely stylish Janine Reynaud, a former fashion model for designer Jean Patou), he's initially dismissed with little fanfare until he creeps into her bedroom at night to, well, "convince" her of his abilities by strapping her to the four-poster with matching scarlet scarves and thoroughly ravishing her. In fairy tale fashion (a recurring motif throughout that may have worked better in Breton's original prose), she allows him to stay as her lover for one month, giving him full access to the castle grounds save for a hunting lodge she's convinced is haunted. A series of kinky parlor games ensues with a collection of story book archetypes revolving around the central couple, like the disfigured gamekeeper Pierre (wild-haired Yves Marouani) who Viriane admits was a former lover for the course of one summer and adoring girl servant Lisbeth (breathtakingly beautiful, exotic Latana Decaux, who sadly seems to have fallen below radar after this single shot at sex stardom) who jumps at Viriane's slightest for a chance to share her well-frequented bed. Complications arise however when Viriane's kid sister, the apparently innocent though equally perfidious Tessa (scrumptious Nathalie Zeiger, who had already co-starred with Reynaud in Daniel Daert's excellent LES FELINES, making them both "kittens" as well as "bitches" !), comes home to visit from boarding school. Off limits to Eric, his very life the price to pay should he breach their agreement, Tessa soon decides her sibling's hired hand should take her maidenhead, an offer he finds impossible to pass up. Predictably, tragedy strikes as this tale's evil queen unleashes her all-consuming wrath, with a cruelly ironic twist



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