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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Prostitution Pornography USA (1971) – Susumu Tokunow

Prostitution Pornography USA (1971) – Susumu Tokunow

A candid look at the sex trade, supposedly by means of hidden cameras and microphones, Prostitution Pornography U.S.A. is a voyeur’s delight. This almost no holds-barred “documentary” includes interviews with the participating call girls, streetwalkers, and porno starlets.
This is not a documentary, it’s exploitation veiled as a docudrama as were a slew of sexploitation flix back then. Sort of like a ‘Mondo Cane’ for the raincoat crowd, and these films were prolific at that time prior to the advent of triple X hardcore movies. As far as this slice of sleaze goes, it’s fairly entertaining for those of us who were around then, and it will bore the pants off (or maybe not) anyone under 40 because it is somewhat dated. But the nudity and sleaze factors are considerable, and there’s a few laughs involved (though not intentionally). For fans of 60′s/70′s grindhouse and sexploitation, it’s worth a looksee, made in the U.S.A.

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