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Friday, January 13, 2012

Snack Bar Budapest (1988) - Tinto Brass

Snack Bar Budapest (1988) - Tinto Brass

Ari, 27, works as an ambulance doctor in Turku and is having one night stands on a regular basis. It is his policy not to see the same woman twice because he fears that commitment will eventually lead him to causing pain and he is desperate to avoid that. Everything in Ari's life is fine, apart from a feeling of inner emptiness. Then Ari meets Tiina, who falls in love with him. She insists on seeing him again and they start dating without him even noticing it. Tiina introduces Ari to her friends, Ilona and Hanna-Riikka and their boyfriends. The six of them decide to spend the last summer of their youth just having fun. Ilona senses a kindred spirit in Ari. Despite being engaged she wants a change in her life. Hanna-Riikka finds out that Ari and Ilona have been fooling around. She is torn between her anger with Ari for hurting her friends and her realisation of Ari's vulnerability. The others soon find out what has been going on and Ari's worst fears come true. Love turns to anger.


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