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Monday, January 16, 2012

Blood (2004)

Blood (2004)

BLOOD is an adaptation of a play by the same name. It's a dark comedy that revolves around a brother and sister desperate to have sex with each other. The sexual tension between the two main (and only) characters was authentic, which they later confirmed during the Q&A. What makes the film truly unique is that it was shot in one long take, four times. And they just chose the best one. The dialogue is thick, biting, and hilarious. The characters even seriously injured each other during one take and kept on going. The entire film was shot on a Montreal sound stage, with a couple of exteriors. The director explained how he tricks the eyes of his audience into not being bored by one small set by having each room a different color, and then using an occasional split screen during rapid dialogue. I thought that was pretty cool because it totally worked on me. I like the fact that the director replaced the main characters, originally intended to be in their late forties, with young twenty-somethings. I think the sexual tension would have seemed weird and gross otherwise. Instead it was actually pretty hot.

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