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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Whole Body and the Little Finger (2005)

The Whole Body and the Little Finger (2005)

Operating his business of “call girls” at the countryside and living languidly, Jun Miyamoto is having a ambiguous relationship with one of the call girls, Yuri, and seeing a psychological counselor, Takeda, secretly. Takeda, who is one of the customers of Jun’s business, understands Jun’s expectations. Jun pretends to suffer from amnesia in front of Takeda. Realizing Jun’s mysterious action, Takeda tries to discover the memory which Jun has hidden.

In order to search for Jun’s memory, the two depart to the famous suicidal place – the sea of trees inside Mount Fuji – with the help of a photo and Jun’s sister – Kumi. Inside the sea of trees, they meet Akari, who told them that she saw Kumi here a few years ago. Why did Jun and Kumi come to such a place? This secret does not reveal itself in front of them, and Jun decides to go back to his parent’s home after 7 years.

cap: Whole Body and the Little Finger.part1.rar Whole Body and the Little Finger.part2.rar Whole Body and the Little Finger.part3.rar Whole Body and the Little Finger.part4.rar Whole Body and the Little Finger.part5.rar


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