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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stolen Kisses (2001)

Stolen Kisses (2001)

Unrated Uncut Fullscreen Edition (1 h 25 min 32 sec) - English Audio - No Subtitles

On first impression, Max and Karen seem like a normal happily married couple living in suburbia. But in reality, they are single and they are both working as undercover agents for different governments. As their undercover relationship develops a deep passionate edge, the two spies engage in a torrid relationship. With the assistance fo their sexy neighbors, Melinda and Phil, they must find an escape from the lie that they live and enter a world of passion and honesty.

Starring Tracy Ryan, Renee Rea, Susan Featherly, Brad Bartram, Robert Eastwood, and Directed by Paul S. Parco, this movie is a pretty good erotic thriller. A Must Have for Tracy Ryan and Renee Rea's fans.

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